Somebody You Know, Knows Somebody

 I continue to be amazed, in a good way, about the power of connecting with other women (and men as well).

I suggest using social media such as LinkedIn as a way to connect especially long distance, but it is the face-to-face connections that I think are more beneficial.

You never know who you will meet, who they will know, or where it will all lead.

One example: When I first came to Richmond to work at the Times-Dispatch, Robyn Bumgartner was a human resources manager there. She helped me get situated in town and find my way around the company.

Robyn later left the paper. Then I left the paper. Then I reconnected with Robyn. She now works for the Virginia Employment Commission. Talk about a great connection and resource!

Robyn has been a listening ear and she also e-mailed me information about a networking event last night at the Innsbrook Resource Workforce Center.

I attended and met a lot of folks. I‘ve already heard from two of the women I met last night (thanks Melissa Gay and Madga Ruesch) and I’ll touch base with the others before the weekend is over.

Or consider this connection: Not long after I came to Richmond, I met Bill Harrison, director of public affairs at the Virginia Capital Region of the American Red Cross. I attended a couple meetings with him on behalf of the RTD.

 Now that I’ve got some free time on my hands, I’m volunteering for the Red Cross. When I mentioned to Bill that I had sent a resume to a certain media outlet, he reminded me that I had met one of the company’s top executives at a Red Cross meeting. He even dropped the guy a note letting him know I was looking for a job.

I followed up with a call to the executive and, low and behold, we had both worked for the same media company years before.

OK. So far none of these connections have lead to a job but who knows what may happen. It’s all about making connections!

What’s your best networking story or do you have networking tips to share? Let me know.


5 thoughts on “Somebody You Know, Knows Somebody

  1. Kate Line Snider

    Good for you, Sundra! Networking and volunteer work never hurt anybody; actions such as these are keeping you in the game. Many people ignore volunteer opportunities. Besides doing others a great deal of good, volunteer work keeps you WORKING, and shows future employers that you are someone they need.

  2. Kate Line Snider

    I also applaud this blog project for similar reasons! Good for you like exercising every day, only a different “muscle”.

  3. Anita

    I have a friend who is the Director of Community Affairs at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Her name is Carmen Foster. Last year, she organized a luncheon at the museum that was for women interested in networking. I went and met a lot of smart people.

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