Voodoo, valentines and revenge

Howard. That’s the one guy I seriously would have considered using a bad boyfriend voodoo doll on if they had existed back then. http://tinyurl.com/5vqpc5g

We had dated for months. Without much warning, he broke up with me for another woman.

Boy was I mad! Mad enough to stick pins in a Howard doll and wish harm on the real guy? On second thought, I guess not.

I admit that like most women I have thought about getting revenge on a few men who have done me wrong. I’ve gone so far as to plot ways to get even. But I never acted on those plans.

Maybe just planning revenge helped me get over the anger. Other times, I got past the rage by writing.

When Howard picked the other woman over me, I wrote a poem. It was a bitter poem. I’ve never shown it to anyone.

But it helped and I moved on. Howard married, and then divorced the woman he dumped me for. Meanwhile, I’ve been happily married for 25 years.

So as Valentine’s Day rolls around and you think about the last guy who mistreated you, disrespected you, or who was just a jerk, don’t be tempted to exact revenge.

Find other ways to get past the anger. There are a lot more useful and fun ways to spend your time and energy.

What’s your best way of overcoming anger and that burning desire to get revenge. And for the record, country singer Carrie Underwood is not a good role model on this topic. http://tinyurl.com/nxjk6v


8 thoughts on “Voodoo, valentines and revenge

  1. Cocoa Fly

    The best revenge is not wanting revenge. A few years ago someone used my heart for target practice, then danced the electric slide on top of it and took a leaf blower to get rid of the remainder shattered pieces. In other words, my heart was broken. But I’m so thankful that I saw his true colors without wasting more years on him. I’ve moved on. Not caring whether he reaped what he sowed because he is insignificant to me is a victorious feeling for my heart. When someone mentions your heartbreaker’s name and you could care less because you have better things and people in your life, that’s how you know you came out on top.

  2. Kate Line Snider

    The most devastating of my ex-lovers is now past retirement age. He’s still single, and he’s LONELY.

    It must be tough to be a cad in the age of Viagra.

  3. Rosemary Burns

    Hmmm, what does Valentine’s day mean to me? Well, Since I have been married for twenty-five years, and have two young children ages six and eleven still at home it means focusing on them mostly. I enjoy doing crafty things, and I can still convince my six-year-old to join in the fun of cutting, painting, gluing and glittering! My eleven-year-old, not so much. Anything that I suggest we do together, that I would consider fun, I get as an reply the dreaded “tween eye-roll…”She does however, enjoy cooking so we will make a delicious Valentine dessert for the family when she gets home from school. As I said, I have celebrated a lot of Valentine’s Days as a couple, so ya know it gets harder each year to ‘top’ the previous one. Special romantic dinners out are lovely, but so is staying home with the family-which is what we will do this year. This morning my little boy woke up and first thing he did was to give me a big Valentine hug and kiss! Cannot top that! As for the hubby and me-we will let the kids play Wii downstairs, while WE crack open the bottle of wine we bought after touring the Williamsburg Winery recently-upstairs…

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