Hillary, Sarah or no one of that gender?

As we wind up this President’s Day, let me pose a question: Do you think you will see a woman elected president of the U.S. in your lifetime? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “Hillary, Sarah or no one of that gender?

  1. rose burns

    Yes! I believe we will see a woman become president. As the woman in the video says, we now have a black man as president-but I feel he has broken down so many barriers and paved the way for so many people who may not have considered politics as a career before. Not that I would want to be involved in politics to the degree of having my life scrutinized and be put under the microscope, but there are many stronger women than I out there who could do it!

  2. Anita

    Yes, there will be a woman president, and I don’t believe it will take 50 more years to see it. America elected a black man, which broke down a major barrier. But, when the first woman is elected as president, I believe she will be white. Politically, black women and other women of color are low on the totem pole. Things change though, thankfully.

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