A little glitter, a dash of fun and we can take on the world

So have you ever thought of going to a racetrack to shop for bras, handbags and hats; try new cosmetic products; and pick up some health tips? That’s how hundreds of women spent today.

Today was the first of the three-day Southern Women’s Show at Richmond’s Raceway complex. It’s like a trade show melded with a girl’s day out.

With that many women in one place, I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk with some of you.

It’s Women’s History Month and there’s no denying that we really have come a long way since 1978 when we first set aside a day to celebrate our history.

So I paused to celebrate being a woman by talking about the best part of being a woman in this day and age. The women I talked with said it’s all about a little glitter, a dash of fun and the attitude that we can take on the world.

After you watch the video, I’d love to hear your thoughts about why you love being a woman.


One thought on “A little glitter, a dash of fun and we can take on the world

  1. rose burns

    I think the women in the video got it right-being a woman means being able to express myself either by a hug or a touch on the arm. Being a woman I am free to compliment a person on their hair, their clothing, their attitude, or their smile without feeling that I have to be politically correct. Men, are always checking their language, as well as their body language in case something they say or do could be construed as harrasment in any way.

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