Some of my best friends are green

We manage to do OK at the Hominik household when it comes to being green. We recycle. We compost (although not as much as we should). And we’ve planted our fair share of trees wherever we have lived.

So when I learned that my favorite baseball mascot, Nutzy, was teaming with GRTC and RideFinders to encourage folks to take the bus and save gas, I decided to follow his advice for the day.

When I was kid in Knoxville, I rode the city bus all the time. We often rode the Metro when we lived in northern Virginia. But since coming to Richmond four years ago, I had been on a GRTC bus only once, twice if you count the time we took a shuttle from a VCU parking lot to the Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont.

If you know anything about eastern Henrico, you know that finding a GRTC bus isn’t all that easy out here. I had to drive about 10 and half miles to The Shops at White Oak Village to get a bus to take me to the Willow Lawn area. Even so it was fewer miles than if I’d driven all the way there.

Besides being green, I was hoping to spot Nutzy. I was ready to yell the secret word of the day (Zinger) and high five the caped squirrel so I could win today’s “Where’s Nutzy?” contest. But as soon as I boarded the bus, I discovered Nutzy had already been spotted by someone earlier in the day.

I could have gotten off at the next stop and walked the few blocks back to my car. Instead, I decided to stay on for the adventure and the satisfaction of being a little more green than usual.

Along the way I saw a few places I hadn’t seen before such as the CSX Acca train yard and I learned a few things including:
1) Avoid riding in the back of the bus or near any of the tires. That’s where the ride is the bumpiest.
2) If you need a Krispy Kreme doughnut fix and don’t have a car, the White Oak/Willow Lawn bus takes you right to their door on Broad Street.
3) Random acts of kindness happen every day. When one passenger who was getting on the bus didn’t have enough for the $1.50 fare, another passenger gave her the money.

You can’t beat that. I helped the environment a little and learned a few of life lessons along the way.

So how green are you? What do you do to help the environment? Share your favorite green tips or bus trip stories.


4 thoughts on “Some of my best friends are green

  1. rose burns

    At our house, we recycle like crazy! By the time the recycling truck comes around it looks like someone has been moving out, so many boxes etc. But it is the right thing to do! Also, I am a big proponent of repurposing items…ie., taking something that may be broken a bit or worn out, not useful anymore for what it was inteneded and finding a way to use it for another purpose. If you just take a few moments to think creatively you can fashion one of a kind items for your home or yard etc.

    • rose burns

      Looking out the window to my backyard I can see, two chipped ceramic roosters that used to live in my kitchen now dress up my garden under the crepe myrtle tree. An old, perfectly rusted cast iron pot(think a witches cauldron), and an antique metal wagon wheel rest among the day lilies. A broken urn and several canning jars are now used as flower pots. Wooden wine cases free from Costco which I hammered small holes in to the bottom of are being put to use as raised box gardens for onions and lettuce. Inside the house, the downstairs bathroom boasts a beach theme-I created a border of painted clam shells along a chair rail, and used clothes pins to hang two ocean-colored dishcloths as curtains, an old china cabinet with the door missing I painted white and it now holds towels and vanity items. One of my favorite things to do is to use cracked china tea cups or wine glasses to hold my costume jewelry which I love to buy from yard sales and either wear it as it was intended to be worn or fasten old clip on earrings to my shoes to dress them up. I even use over-sized necklaces and brooches to decorate lampshades. Pins and pierced earrings slip easily into candles and look so lovely. Garden trellises are great brought indoors and used for hanging up necklaces, belts, and handbags…I could go on forever!

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