Six down, six to go

The year 2011 is more than half done. Six months have gone by quickly.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was “given the chance” to try something new when my senior editor position at the Richmond Times-Dispatch was eliminated.

I didn’t waste time. I got busy and stayed busy.

I volunteered.

I wrote stories and produced videos for newspapers and non-profits.

I spent a month improving my multimedia skills.

And while I considered starting a business, I also hunted for a new job.

Staying busy is no doubt what helped the six months go by so quickly.

Another thing that helped the time fly was the support of many old and new friends. THANKS ya’ll!!

On Monday, I start as the enterprise/features editor at the Times-News in Hendersonville, N.C.

I know the next six months and beyond will be busy. In fact, I’m betting that the next six months will be just as busy and will go by just as fast as the past six.


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