Beyond death, destruction and disaster

I’m no Pollyanna.

I know there’s lots of news about bad things happening in the world.  I know that things are not all lollipops and roses.

But that doesn’t mean that every story that we share in the media has to focus on one of the triple Ds: death, destruction and disaster.

In January, with 25 years of storytelling under my belt, I decided to focus on sharing stories that don’t fall into any of the triple D categories.

I started working with community newspapers in central Virginia to help tell stories in print and through videos online and mobile devices that focus on a fourth D — diversity. The stories in the  series, Virginia Tapestry, explore the region’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

The stories have appeared in the Henrico Citizen and Urban Views Weekly and the videos are on their websites.   The latest video story looks at music and dance.

I hope  you have found the stories so far  to be engaging, inspirational, fun and reflective of the Richmond region’s rich tapestry. I also hope you’ll feel free to pass on ideas for other stories for the series.

Help me share stories that go beyond death, destruction and disaster.


2 thoughts on “Beyond death, destruction and disaster

  1. Charlotte-Marie

    I am enjoying the series tremendously! Thanks for your fresh approach to telling our Richmond stories. Continued success.

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