Bon voyage, y’all !

This summer I didn’t get to take any long trips to exotic places.

I admit that there were moments of pure envy whenever I read my friend Charlotte Marie’s blog as she zipped to Thailand and Singapore using Botswana as her home base.

World travel just wasn’t in my plans (or budget) this summer. However, I discovered that you can learn a lot by just hanging out in your own big backyard.

While on assignment for the Henrico Citizen’s Discover Henrico project, I was able to visit and photograph dozens of places that I hadn’t explored before or that I had taken the time to enjoy.

Who knew that you can find a refreshing pond and fountain at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen?

And did you know that Highland Springs has the Henrico Theatre, a lovely, renovated theater where you can see live shows and movies?

I found places that I know I’ll return to visit or take family and friends to visit when they come to Henrico County.

You can explore all the places that I discovered on an interactive map complete with photographs, information and videos at Click on the map tab.

Enjoy and bon voyage, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Bon voyage, y’all !


    I am glad you stayed in town.  We just received our tickets for the Cultural Arts Center and are regular patrons of the Henrico Theater.  We are very proud of it.  It is absolutely beautiful and has so many wonderful programs there, most of them free.

    I, on the other hand,have been to Aruba twice and will go again the end of October with Bob and my oldest daughter.  We went for four days at Cabins, W. Va last week and then followed it with a trip to Greenville, NC for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  Needless to say we are ready to stay home for a “short” while. There is a production at the Henrico Theater this month called Country Town, not sure it is my cup of tea but will go in order to support them.

    Always love to hear from you!

    Peggy Reid

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