Yeah, they really do call them boudin balls (Va2La)

In Richmond, we always enjoy going downtown to the 17th Street Market for the Brunswick Stew Festival.

It’s held each November. In the brisk afternoon of fall, you can sample stews made by cooks from all over the state.

Music by local bands fill the air as you stroll from booth to booth tasting the tomato-based stew filled with potatoes, vegetables and tender meat.

There’s a contest to see who makes the best stew. To my knowledge there is not a Brunswick Stew eating contest at this festival.

I can’t say the same for the Boudin Festival in Scott, Louisiana.

One of the highlights of the three-day event was a contest to see who could stuff down the most of these spicy pork and rice sausages in five minutes.

I don’t recommend this as the best way to enjoy this savory south Louisiana dish.

It’s better to take your time and enjoy what one person I met calls “rice weenies.” And if you’re not into pork, there are other options.

I opted for two seafood boudin balls sprinkled with a good  dose of Tabasco sauce. They were good. They tasted sort of like a fried crab cake but with rice filling.


I consumed them at a nice leisurely pace as I listened to an afternoon of Cajun and Zydeco music.

I wanted more but decided  to stop at two unlike the guys ( and one woman) in the boudin eating  contest.


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