Dueling Festivals (VA2LA)

Kids play at Festivals Acadiens et Creoles
Kids play at Festivals Acadiens et Creoles

I can’t attend the Richmond Folk Festival this year even though I promised myself not to miss it after going last year and having a ball.

I even volunteered at the Folk Fest last year helping greet some of the musicians who were playing at the three-day event.

I won’t be there this year. Instead, I’m covering a different three-day cultural festival in Lafayette. Today is the last day of Festivals Acadians et Creoles.

This festival celebrates two distinct but forever interwoven cultures including their cowboy music roots.

It’s not just one festival but three that were combined after being held separately to honor the music, food and arts of this rich south Louisiana culture.

So I’m sorry I’m missing the Folk Festival but so far I’m having one heck of a time at Festivals.


2 thoughts on “Dueling Festivals (VA2LA)

  1. Kate

    You’re mostly missing cold, dreary rain this year at the Folk Festival. So glad it’s being broadcast on the radio!

    Some groups are cutting things short or going unaccompanied because instruments/electronic and moisture don’t mix well.

    • shominik

      Kate – Sorry the weather messed up Folk Festival.There was rain for a short time one evening at Festivals Acadiens et Creoles in Lafayette but the rain was seen as a good way to cool things off after temps were in high 80s all day long.

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