A little bit of New Orleans in Richmond

Ten years ago when Hurricane Katrina threatened New Orleans, Cain Bassett and his family left their home in the city’s West Bank area and headed to the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Not to take a flight out of harm’s way, but to hunker down until the impending massive storm passed.

Cain with worker In 2005, Bassett, who now lives in western Henrico County, was employed by Delaware North. He helped manage the company’s 20 restaurants and bars that lined the New Orleans airport’s concourses.

In the long hours before Karina hit, the company allowed Bassett, his wife, their two children, as well as a few other employees, to take refuge at the airport.

The Bassetts stayed busy helping to feed hundreds of residents and tourists who filled the airport as they evacuated ahead of the hurricane.
“Everyone had to pitch in,” Bassett said as he recently recalled the storm that changed his life.

A decade later, Bassett is director of operations for Boss-Chi Catering & Concession. One of his main jobs is managing the food service at Richard Bland College in Prince George County.
Watch a video about Cain Bassett and Hurricane Katrina.


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